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phone etiquette

Client Results

Our clients hire us to train their staff for a variety of reasons—to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiencies through effective call handling techniques, improve call monitoring scores, increase morale and employee satisfaction, create a company culture of customer service and create more revenue with sales training. In every instance, our goal is that every person who calls your company will hang up the phone thinking, “I’m glad I called!”


Click on any of the topics below to read about some of the results our clients have shared with us over the years about their PhonePRO training experience…in their own words!


Increased Efficiency and Call Monitoring Scores

“Average call length has decreased…abandonment rate has improved…Immediate Results!”


Increase in Employee Morale

“New found sense of confidence…lower stress level…boost to the morale of our team!”


Improved Customer Satisfaction

“Customer Satisfaction rating increased to 94%…Requests to speak with a supervisor almost non-existent!”


Positive “Internal Customer Service” and Company Culture

“Feeling of comaraderie…Changed our environment…Customers commented on professionalism!”


Increased Revenue

“21% increase in sales in the three weeks following training…Outbound sales have increased over 40% !”


BBB Accredited Business

Success Stories

Customer Service Phone Skills Training