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phone etiquette

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Client Results


St. Charles Medical Center
We first hired PhonePRO 9 years ago when our LARGEST client sent us a letter stating they no longer wanted to do business with us because of the way we treated them! The PhonePRO program was so successful that the rest of the hospital asked us what we had done to change our service – since then, we have taken it hospital wide and it is now an initiative from our CEO and Board of Directors – and PhonePRO is our foundation.


Fresenius Medical Care
We have already heard positive acknowledgement from our customers who have taken notice of the enhancements to our phone etiquette.


Puget Sound Energy
I am pleased to inform you that we have seen positive results since implementing PhonePRO in June of this year.
Our June customer satisfaction rating increased from 89% the prior month to 94% and our July rating was 91%. Not only have our customer satisfaction ratings increased, I’ve also noticed a positive change in our communication style (i.e. memos, monitoring feedback, correspondence, verbal communication, etc.). I want to thank you for providing our Organization with the tools to accomplish this very critical goal. We truly appreciate your contribution to our success.


Florida Power
Monthly surveys are conducted in two specific areas: 1) an overall rating of the employee the customer spoke to on the phone and 2) a rating on how that Customer Service Associate showed care and concern for that customer during the call. I am happy to tell you that we HAVE experienced increases in these scores in the 3 months following our PhonePRO training and we are now above our goal in both areas.


Your training materials definitely improved our communication skills. The Support Center has received compliments on how their conversations are pleasant experiences! I can honestly say that one of the reasons my staff achieves its outstanding level of customer service is because of the phone skills we have learned from your training programs. PhonePRO has helped us identify and meet the standards for customer service excellence in our call center. For that, I say McThanks!


The Olive Garden
I am impressed with how well our corporate culture was integrated into the workshop, and I believe it’s one of the many reasons the program is so effective. We saw immediate results, beginning with the improved greeting. Our customers are friendlier and remember our names. The representatives are more confident in their conversations with our guests, and requests to “speak with a supervisor” are almost non-existent. Even more exciting, since our workshop, there has been an 18% increase in the number of thank you letters the representatives have received from our guests. If that isn’t chicken soup for the soul…!


Accu-Chek Spirit (Roche)
We have already seen the results in both what our customers are saying about our service and the confidence exhibited by our phone specialists.


Recon Automotive Remanufacturers
Within hours of your departure from our facility, I began to receive COMPLIMENTS from our customers about the telephone techniques employed by our Customer Service Representatives and Order Takers alike. WOW! It is clear in my mind that this is not just coincidence, rather, a result of the fine training you provided for us.


Your training had an immediate and lasting impact with enriched employee and team morale. We’ve had measurable positive response to the tailored PhonePRO program in Service Excellence awards and customer recognition of improved attitudes and work ethics while on the phone.


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