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phone etiquette

Increased Efficiency and Call Monitoring Scores

Client Results


Riverside Health Systems
My call center’s abandonment rate has improved and they are able to handle difficult calls more effectively.


Starwood Vacation Ownership
The training has truly affected our daily routines, call handling times and day-to-day interactions within the office.


Commonwealth Edison
I am pleased to report to you that the new greeting has already established a friendlier rapport between our representatives and the customers. In addition to this positive result of your training, our supervisors have just completed their first month of coaching/monitoring and have seen further implementation of the skills as well.


SPS Payment Systems
We have found that the skills taught in your course are extremely beneficial to our technicians in building rapport with the members while maintaining control of the calls. In short, they love it! The initial concern of the Section Leaders expressed regarding the opening of the calls has been completely eliminated, and they are unanimously in favor of the new procedure. In fact, many have even reported that the average call length has decreased due to our associates correctly controlling the call. The supervisors have also noticed the overall tone of most calls is more positive.


Celebrating Home
The first week we listened to random calls, our average Quality score was 36%. Last week we met for the 4th time and our average score was 72%!! This is awesome improvement!! I will be reporting this wonderful improvement to the management team in the Flash meeting this week so that they all see how much PhonePRO has benefited us and know what type of scores to expect in the future as we continue to work and implement our new habits/behaviors for excellent quality service!

Because the calls are pulled randomly there are some people we have scored more than once and some we haven’t scored at all. Here are some anonymous individual achievement scores below.
A – Improved from a 40% to a 72%
B – Improved from a 30.4% to a 68%
C – Improved from a 48% to a 93%
D – Improved from a 38.5% to a 60%


Not sure one day does a trend make; however, Desirae focused on transfers in Saturday’s training. IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Thank you PhonePRO!


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