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phone etiquette

Positive Internal Customer Service and Company Culture

Client Results


St. Charles Medical Center
The skills have created a much needed and long awaited feeling of camaraderie. There is excitement that we are upgrading our service and there are now standards in place. Our own level of expected behavior with each other has been raised considerably. PhonePRO has changed our environment by enhancing customer service, staff confidence, reliability and accuracy.


After the training, our outside sales reps provided feedback that they have noticed a significant difference in the interactions that they have with the CSR’s but also the customers had noticed it as well. They commented on the professionalism of the CSR’s and wanted to know what did we do or implement? Of course, other development activities were taking place at the same time, but the biggest and immediate difference was attributed to the training the CSR’s had received from PhonePRO.


As a result of our PhonePRO training, both our Consumer Relations and Customer Service groups are able to project a much more confident persona on the phone – from answering the call with a uniform greeting, to taking control of the call with appropriate empathy, to confidently employing techniques to disarm even the most upset or frustrated customer. The training also brought with it another wonderful effect: our representatives are interacting with each other with more humor and good will than ever before.


First Federal Bank
The training has done as much to improve our phone etiquette within the office as it has for our outside clients.
Co-workers are now greeted with the same positive voice tone that we give our customers.


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