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phone etiquette

Phone Etiquette Training

Telephone etiquette training is very important to any companies’ customer service team.  It doesn’t matter if your customer service team is dealing with internal or external customers it can create a better atmosphere and attitude for your team.  One of the best things for a company is to have a customer get off the phone with a company representative and feel that they have been treated good and fairly.  All too often customer service agents are given a bad reputation because there are far too many out there that do not have the right training, and do not know how to handle every situation.  Every company out there should be trying to use their customer service team as the best marketing tool they have.


At PhonePRO we understand the importance of telephone etiquette training.  We know that if your customer service staff does not know how to handle hard situations over the phone then they will have a hard time keeping customers loyal to you.  You want to keep any customer that uses your service and ideally, you want them to encourage their friends and family to use your services as well.  They are not going to do that if they feel mistreated or feel that nothing really got done when they called the customer service department.  At PhonePRO we want to teach your staff to create loyal advocates out of the customers that call in and talk to them.


Your staff is going to get the following telephone etiquette training from our team of customer service trainers.  They will learn to:

  • Handle difficult and mad clients
  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • The proper greetings and voice tones to use and positive work choices
  • How to control the phone call from start to finish
  • How to use their active listening skills
  • Delivering negative information in a positive way.

What Makes Us DifferentNo matter what you do training is the start, but the difference between good and bad training is what separates the good from the great. PhonePro has the customer service training to make your company and your team great.

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