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Consider this…76% of employees said that in the past 12 months, their Manager has done something that made them want to quit.

Managing Conflict…Motivating Employees…Being an Effective Leader… topics that Managers deal with day in and day out.  Managers are key to every organization’s success, but even great ones can unknowingly undermine employee performance.

Leaders know how to maximize performance.  They challenge, connect, motivate, inspire and unleash true potential in their staff.  They encourage and instill accountability that achieves outstanding and truly satisfying results for their people and the organization.

All Managers – whether new, seasoned or potential – will learn practical Leadership techniques in this workshop that can be implemented immediately.  Attend this three hour PhonePRO PowerPak workshop “How Leaders Manage Conflict, Motivate and Inspire to Bring Out the Best in Their Team” and get insights into how leaders think, act and achieve organizational results.  You will benefit by learning:


How Leaders Manage Conflict in the Workplace:

  • Identify early signs and hot buttons of conflict before it escalates
  • Turn disagreements into discussions through active listening and responding
  • Empower your staff to manage disputes independently and productively

How Leaders Motivate, Energize and Inspire by using:

  • 12 proven methods to create a highly productive and motivating environment
  • The surefire way to propel performance and morale in every organization and industry
  • A system to determine when to pull in the reins and when to loosen them in order to motivate staff and achieve company goals

Becoming a Strategic Leader:

  • Which leadership behaviors make a difference  to employee engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder return
  • One size doesn’t fit all:  Flexing your leadership style to best address various individuals and situations
  • Identify the essential behaviors that Leaders should never compromise
  • The benefits of true leadership: employee loyalty, energized culture and employees giving it their all!

“A Leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.” 
- John Quincy Adams

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