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“Change your M.I.N.D. … Make the Sale!”

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Our minds can play tricks on us and often, no matter what we’re selling, WE are the reason that sales aren’t happening.  From the most common fears and apprehensions to not knowing how to maneuver the sales process to a successful close, this PowerPak workshop will examine the most critical elements of every sales interaction and give you the tools to use them successfully.

Our philosophy is that sales isn’t just a presentation, but a consultation where the salesperson asks good questions to determine the customer’s needs before offering their product or service. Building on this foundation, this workshop will give your reps 4 fundamental nuggets of successful selling.  Whether you are new to sales or seasoned pros, our sales approach is sure to equip your reps with proven techniques that will impact and enhance your sales skills and your company’s bottom-line.
PhonePRO’s Sales Workshop includes:
M: Mindset and Psychology – Overcoming Sales Reluctance

  • Uncover what impacts selling the most – Attitude, People Skills, Sales Skills and Product Knowledge
  • Discover personal sales reluctance through an interactive group activity
  • Create successful strategies to overcome sales reluctance

I:  InterFEARance – Approaching the Call

  • Identify potential sales roadblocks and fears that can hinder sales success
  • Learn how to influence customers to make a purchasing decision through the art of conducting and managing better conversations
  • Understand what makes potential customers say “YES” or “NO”

N:  Needs Analysis – Effective Questioning Techniques

  • Ask good questions to determine the right product or service to meet the customer’s needs is the cornerstone of our program
  • Learn how to uncover a potential buyer’s “personal value” and tailoring the sales message.
  • Build their own benefit statement leveraging PhonePRO’s “WHAT!” sales method

D:  Decision Time – Closing the Sale

  • Demonstrate how leading into the close is simply a natural progression of the conversation and that no sale will take place without this critical step
  • Identify our top 3 Closing Techniques and when to use them
  • Create closing statements that can be used immediately

Sales shouldn’t be scary…so we take out the FEAR and replace it with skill and confidence!  In this PowerPak Workshop, you will learn to enjoy selling by getting your M.I.N.D. around the key components of every successful sale.

Why choose PhonePRO for your Sales training?


Sales is a mindset…and it can be a challenge.
In an ideal sales call you need to grab a prospect’s attention, project enthusiasm and confidence, gather information, present value, offer a solution, and close the sale.  No matter how phenomenal your product or service may be, the success of the sale is many times determined by the salesperson.  How they “show up” mentally and physically can make the difference if this prospect buys from you or your competitor.  Mindset matters!  Whether you already have an inside sales force or need to train your field salespeople, Change your M.I.N.D …Make the Sale is designed to enhance the rep’s sales effectiveness and ultimately the company’s success.


Trying to “do more with less?”
Have you been tasked with creating more revenue through your contact center or company? Do you spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising only to find when leads or opportunities come in they aren’t being handled properly? Do your reps have the right mindset to make a positive impact on the sale? Or are they simply reluctant to ask the right questions to uncover what is truly important to the customer?  Or all of the above?  Our training will teach you the necessary skills to make your company more productive and profitable.


Teaching customer service staff to sell—what a great idea!
Our overall sales philosophy is grounded in the idea that it is impossible to sell unless you are also offering excellent customer service.  Our training is infused with techniques that will help build rapport and strengthen customer relationships.


Making sales is easy…when you get your M.I.N.D. right!

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