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phone etiquette

Customer Service Phone Training

When you consider the call center or customer service department at your company, there is always one thing that you associate with it – customer service.  In some cases a call center is the most or the only contact a client or customer has with a company, which is why great customer service phone training is so important.  And at PhonePRO, we don’t just have great customer service training, we have the best.  We have been helping companies in all industries with call center training for over 25 years, and we can help you too.


When a client or customer calls to speak with a member of your staff, do you know what type of response they are getting?  Depending on the level of service they receive, they will either stay customers forever or they’ll hang up and call your competition.  Most of the time someone calls a company they have a problem – unfortunately they hardly ever call just to say “hello, I love your product”.  Because a problem is the reason for most calls, call center representatives take on most of the stress the callers have, and in many cases the people calling in are basing whether or not to do business with you in the future on this one call.  This is why at PhonePRO we have customer service phone training that will teach your staff how to effectively handle these high stress situations and create loyal customers and advocates.


We understand that businesses may not have the time to schedule a full training day, and that is why we have online training in addition to our onsite training.  The online training can be done at different times and at the pace of the individuals taking the courses.  In both cases your staff will learn how to better:

  • Understand the basics of Telephone Etiquette
  • Handle difficult clients
  • Use the best Greeting and Control the Call
  • What the best Voice Tone is and why

What Makes Us DifferentNo matter what you do training is the start- but the difference between good and bad training is what separates the good from the great. PhonePRo has the customer service training to make your company and your team great.

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