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Customer Service Training Company

The PhonePRO Difference:

There are many customer service training companies out there that can teach you how customer service will help your company.  At PhonePRO we will teach you how you will be bettered by customer service, but we will also teach your team how to become customer service minded, all the time.  When you take our trainings you will see that we do not just want you to learn what customer service is.  We want great customer service to be as much a part of your culture as the people who work for you.  At PhonePRO we understand that customer respond to the attitude they are confronted with.  So if you team presents the defensive attitude the customer will be defensive.  We have the knowledge skill and experience to teach your team the proper way to confront every customer.

Our dedication to Customer Service:

PhonePRO has been one of the most dedicated customer service training companies  for over twenty years.  We have a team of trainers that understand the importance of customer service and they carry that with them in their trainings.  We have several clients from all types of industries that have bettered their business from the trainings they have received; take a look at our clients page to see results and reviews.  The other great thing PhonePRO offers is two ways to see our customer service training, one is for us to come on site.  This gives us the opportunity to meet your team and to teach them by example of what customer service is.  The other way is through online webinars, this allows each team member to view the seminar at their own pace, it is especially effective if you teams have busy schedules and it is hard for them to go it all at one time.

Creating Pro’s

When you are looking for a customer service training company, call us and visit with us.  Or send us an email and let us know you situation.  Our team is prepared to help at any time.  The best part about our trainings is that we will create a team of customer service pro’s that will become your companies biggest selling point.  And you client and customer retention will be better than you ever thought it could be.

What Makes Us DifferentWhether you are a call center that focuses on sales or on customer service. PhonePro has the call center training that will build your staff, and will turn clients into advocates.

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