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Customer Services Training

The two main goals for PhonePRO’s customer services training are that they are always Relevant and Interactive – these two things are never compromised. Adults “learn by doing” therefore our workshops are designed with activities, discussions, practices and numerous other details to engage learners and boost the transfer of learning into the workplace.  Each of our customer services trainings are a hands-on experience consisting of lots of active participation, role-plays, video and audio clips and most of all, your team working together to learn to provide the best possible customer experience.


PhonePRO offers two distinctive Customer Service training courses, Customer ServicePRO and Customer ServicePLUS. Each of these Customer Service training courses can be tailored to meet your team’s needs.



  • Greeting all Callers – the best greeting to set the tone for each and every call
  • Establishing Rapport and Leading the call in the right direction
  • The Two Best Tools on the phone – Our Voice Tone and Positive Word Choices
  • Positively Negative—how to deliver negative information in a positive way
  • Handling Difficult Callers – and keeping cool while doing it


If your team has mastered the basics and are ready for the next level of delivering excellent customer service, they are ready for the next step which is Customer ServicePLUS, topics include


  • Active Listening Skills through F.O.C.U.S.
  • Personal Accountability- avoiding the blame game and the victim mentality
  • Solutions Thinking – instead of “auto-pilot” thinking
  • Email Etiquette – the basics and beyond
  • Advanced Techniques for handing difficult callers.


Our Customer Services training courses are customized with real-life examples throughout that your employees can easily relate to and learn from.  This ensures they are learning the techniques as well as  how to apply them quickly and easily into their daily routine.  We help turn what should be “common sense” into “common practice” for results you and your customers can enjoy immediately and for years to come!  Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. It is no longer sufficient to deliver good customer service—in order to beat the competition and create loyal customers, it is necessary to deliver an excellent customer experience with every single call and customer interaction. PhonePRO’s Customer Service training courses enable you to do just that.

What Makes Us DifferentCustomer service training courses at PhonePro will create a new environment within your staff. Our trainers have an energy that is contagious to anyone they interact with.

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