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phone etiquette

Online Customer Service Training


Do you feel that your staff desperately needs or can benefit from customer service training courses, but having trainers to come to your location isn’t in your budget?  Or are you have a hard time getting all of the shifts covered while also providing training?  PhonePRO understands these concerns, so we wanted to make our service available to facilitate the needs of any business, no matter the training obstacle.  This is why PhonePRO has online customer service training that are available- this means that no matter the location, you can get great customer service training.  And no matter what hours your staff works, they can view our webinars any time, and watch them at their own pace.


PhonePRO has a long history of helping businesses create great customer service teams.  We have clients in all industries that have improved their service levels due to our training, and we want to help you succeed too.  We know and understand that our customer service training videos can be a great learning tool for your business.  One of the most important aspects in customer service training is that it can be the strongest marketing tool your company has.  If your customer service is great, it doesn’t matter the situation, people will want to work with you.  And after your staff learns the right service techniques in our web seminars, then they will become your company’s best assets.


  • Essential phone etiquette from start to finish
  • How to communicate effectively with even the toughest customers
  • The best word choices for controlling the call while creating rapport
  • The importance of empathy and the role it plays in a phone call

What Makes Us DifferentNo matter what you do training is the start, but the difference between good and bad training is what separates the good from the great. PhonePro has the customer service training to make your company and your team great.

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