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Telephone Skills

Telephone Skills- Voice Tone Says It All

Have you ever talked to someone and the way that they spoke to you made you think that they were just plain rude?  It’s not that they said anything particularly rude, it was just the way they said it.  Their voice tone made it seem like they were irritated with you and that you were an annoyance in their day.  Many people don’t realize how they come across and the message that they convey just by the subtle way that they say things.  Voice tone, simple word and phrasing choices, these are simple fixes that many people aren’t aware they need to change until it’s pointed out in the course of effective training.  These are universal core concepts that should be common sense, but aren’t always common practice – which is why telephone skills is very important to every industry.


From identifying how we can sound unintentionally rude, to recognizing when what we say might make the customer feel attacked instead of understood, the bottom line is when people call to talk to a customer service agent, they are calling because they need help.  And if they’re upset, the last thing they want is to feel attacked or slighted.  So with the right training, your Customer Service Department can be your best marketing tool.  If the client hangs up the phone and feels satisfied and cared for, they will come back – and bring their friends!  At PhonePRO we live this concept and we have the telephone skills training your staff needs to make it every experience a great one for every caller.


  • The best Greeting and Voice Tone
  • How to create immediate connection with callers
  • Techniques for productive and engaging interactions
  • Positive word choices
  • Delivering negative information in a positive manner
  • How to keep cool while handing difficult customers

Whether your need is large or small, we will deliver the best customer service education that you can find.

What Makes Us DifferentNo matter what you do training is the start, but the difference between good and bad training is what separates the good from the great. PhonePro has the customer service training to make your company and your team great.

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