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  • Lisa Heflin-Rike

    Trainer & Champion of Fun & Relevant Learning

Being a PRO means being energized in a way that continually ignites and feeds my passion for learning. For me, it is about growth and providing exceptional and relevant solutions to others. Awareness and action are BIG catalysts for learning for me. It is an amazing opportunity each time I work with clients so they can do more and be more.  I get fed too with each and every training initiative!

I enjoy reading industry research, magazines, articles and more about how to develop, learning trends, training methods…  I’m drawn to research and training like bees to honey (I even read on the stationary bike at the gym)!  Beyond work, my two teenagers “float my boat”.  What a continual journey of learning and growth parenting is! Thank goodness my family believes in a heavy dose of laughter each day!


Here’s what Lisa’s clients have to say about her:


“I wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! from the whole team. We have had many meetings and discussions since you left and we keep hearing and talking about what an amazing job you are doing for us. When we decided to really focus on training our people on how to answer the phones more professionally, we never thought we would find a Company or a Person that could bring so much more than just phone training to us. When you first came here we thought we were very good at what we do, but you are making us better than we have ever been. Thanks again.”


“I love Lisa!!!! She is always a breath of fresh air when she comes to our center. I feel like I can tackle anything after one of her sessions!”


“We couldn’t be more pleased with Lisa at PhonePRO. She made such an impact. This went well beyond Phone Training. It brought about an element of self reflection and accountability that we could not have ever guessed would be an outcome of this training. Lisa has continued to help individuals with their specific needs as well as continued to support our overall goals. This program far exceeded our expectations.”

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