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  • Terry & Mary Beth Ingram

    Founders & PRO-creators

Mary Beth: When I was little, I wanted to be someone who made people smile when I grew up.  That simple. Being a PRO means doing the right thing. My most distinguishing characteristics are enthusiasm and passion. We are in the business because we care. It matters to us that we deliver client’s expectations and help them achieve their goals. It’s humbling and marvelous to hear that we exceed expectations over and over.  Outside of work you can find me reading topical magazines, books and newspapers, spending time with family, eating food, enjoying my best friend and husband Terry.

Terry: Being a PRO means keeping the interest of the client and the interest of PhonePRO aligned.  All of my career has been working in this industry. We strive mightily to deliver more than we promised, and more than the client really expected. My proudest PhonePRO moment is when I drove up to northern Indiana with Lisa, and counted 11 clients of ours (trucks, buildings) we saw along the highway.

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