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  • Suellen Richardson

    Trainer & Champion of Excellence

Being a PRO means being highly skilled, passionate, thorough, dependable, and making the job LOOK easy.  My most distinguishing characteristic is my keen sense of understanding the human side of businesses.  I do what I do because of the immediate results and the ability to positively affect people’s lives, both personally and professionally, now and in the future.

When I’m not working I’m typically relaxing, spending time with my husband and dog, having dinner with friends, and watching all the TV programs that stacked up in the DVR while I was traveling for work!


Here’s what Suellen’s clients have to say about her:


“Simply put, Suellen was amazing. Every person in our training group loved her personality, enthusiasm, energy, sense of humor, her attention to detail about our business, and I could go on. I’ve been in many training situations in my career, and Suellen was, by far, the best. We couldn’t have been more excited and motivated after spending the day with her. We didn’t want her to go home!”


“Suellen was so positive and enthusiastic that is was truly a morale booster.”


“The training provided through PhonePro was the best ever. Suellen is a great and wonderful professional and was professional all the way. We loved having her because she was so practical, encouraging and thoroughly knowledgeable.”

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