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  • Connecting with Your Customers: As Simple As Picking Up the Phone.

    Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    by PhonePRO

Hard to Schedule a Convenient Time or Location? Get Live Webinars and Video Instead!

Hard to Schedule a Convenient Time or Location? Get Live Webinars and Video Instead!

In today’s marketplace, everyone talks about the importance of connecting with customers, no matter how big your company. It explains the proliferation of blogging, Pinterest and other social media. It’s the reason even a huge business like Apple Computer has set up their stores to be user friendly, with at least twenty fresh faced young people standing by to answer your questions the minute you walk in the door. The message is clear: no matter how technologically advanced our world becomes, the human element never been more critical to gaining market share-and staying even at number one. Eliminate the personal touch and you end up on the list of most hated companies, losing your customers to a Orwellian maze of prerecorded messages and “press one for service” algorithms. The old fashioned phone call, the simple exchange between a real live customer service agent and a customer, is still the coin of the realm, the way in which you build the relationships that sell products, and that enhance your reputation as a company that cares. PhonePRO provides the training your staff needs to be at their best for every one of these calls, and truly connect with each one of your consumers. Our easy, fun to learn programs highlight the real life techniques you’ll  need for dealing with any situation with expert communication skills and aplomb. Call us today to find out more…and keep that connection strong.

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